Appia Vol 1 Group w/Smart Wand 110v

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The Appia has been designed as the espresso machine top baristas would use at their homes and features such professional touches as a five liter heat-exchange, copper boiler that allows you to steam and brew at the same time and Nuova Simonelli’s patented “push/pull” steaming levers that are more intuitive and ergonomic than traditional steaming knobs.

This volumetric Appia features programmable, automatic dosing buttons and Nuova’s unique Soft Infusion System® which delays full water pressure to allow the coffee cake to be more fully saturated preventing cracking and channeling in the coffee cake during extraction.

Additionally, this Appia comes equipped with a Smart Wand that automatically steams and froths milk, and unlike many other top of the line home espresso machines, it comes wired for 110 volts which means you can plug it into any regular wall outlet in your home.


  • Stainless hot water nozzle
  • Push/pull steam levers
  • Stainless steel work tray
  • Compact, space-saving dimensions
  • Passively heated demitasse tray
  • 5-liter copper boiler with pressostat and anti-vacuum valve