Aurelia II Semi-automatic 3 Group

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The crowning achievement in espresso machine technology, the Aurelia II from Nuova Simonelli has been chosen as the official espresso machine of the World Barista Championship thanks to its engineering achievement and barista friendly design. The Aurelia II Semi-Automatic 2-Group Espresso Machine is the first espresso machine to practically implement several theoretical models as well as new technological advancements. Because of this, it is even able to achieve temperature stability of 0.5°C or better using only its own water and a single heat source, so while the brew temperatures of other espresso machines may vary by up to 30°C between shots, the Aurelia is able to consistently pull shot after shot of the finest quality espresso in the world. For additional consistency and better espresso extraction, the Aurelia also features Nuova Simonelli’s patented Soft Infusion System® which reduces cracking and channeling of the coffee cake. More than just a pre-infusion system, the SIS® acts as a double-infusion system by first delaying full water pressure, allowing the coffee cake to become fully and evenly saturated.

  • T3 technology (only on the T3)
    The T3 system establishes new reference standards for temperature accuracy in water supply. The barista can set the temperature distribution of each group with maximum flexibility, using 3 different parameters: primary boiler, group boiler and group head temperature. There is no other system like it. For a more complete overview, visit Nuova Simonelli’s page here.
  • Temperature control by display
    Aurelia II machines allow for unprecedented accuracy in temperature control, regardless of workload or environmental conditions. Through the display, the water temperature of each group can be controlled individually and in real time. On Digit, T3 versions only.
  • Safe and comfortable
    The Aurelia II was designed to be the most ergonomical machine possible. The work surface is evenly lit, while the back is angled so the barista can see the espresso coming out of the portafilter, while LED lighting (optional) at the steam wand illuminates the milk in the pitcher.
  • Versatile
    The temperature is adjustable on each group to suit any blend and the group height of 80 mm or 125 mm can be selected when ordering the machine to suit the type of drinks you serve.
  • Flexible
    The different Aurelia II versions can easily meet any combination of volume and quality requirements. They can be set up to cater to any combination of customer preferences, barista skills and environmental scenarios. There are four different versions total, and three different sizes:
Aurelia II PDF Brochure
Aurelia II – 3 Group PDF Spec  Sheet