Monin - Peach Fruit Smoothie Mix

Each year, the summer season signals the arrival of juicy, sweet peaches. But infusing your recipes with the sweet, unmistakable summer flavor of peaches does not have to end with the beginning of fall. Peaches are a favorite ingredient in many food and beverage recipes throughout the northern hemisphere.

Made with only natural ingredients, Monin Peach Fruit Smoothie Mix offers all the delightful flavor of ripe summer peaches, to consistently make the tastiest ripe peach fruit smoothie no matter the season. Monin Fruit Smoothie Mixes are the easiest way to add real fruit smoothies to your menu, with additional versatility in other frozen and iced beverages.

Note on the Nutritional Panel: the serving size of 4 fl oz makes a standard USDA serving size of 8 fl oz when prepared

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